The Claimed Intermediate Online Database and Reports cover Process Patents for Marketed Pharmaceutical Drugs and the Intermediates used therein.

• Unique Online Database allows Intermediate/API/INN text and structure searching
• Includes API/INNs in at least one major Market
• Locates Drug Synthesis often buried in a Plethora of Patents
• Provides targeted Patent data in a Visual form
• Drug syntheses obtained by analysing Patent documents

• Subscription-based, no additional hit costs
• Save on patent searching/analysis
• Only new applications, no repeated equivalents
• Reduce manpower cost
• Informs Commercial Synthesis profitability

• 700+ Drugs • 3000+ Patents • 17,600+ Structures • 3600+ Records with 1000+ Claimed Intermediates • nearly 1000 Patentees including Joint Patentees &c

Top Database Records:

Atorvastatin, Dronedarone, Sitagliptin, Rosuvastatin, Rivaroxaban, Aliskiren, Iodixanol, Lacosamide, Paliperidone, Pregabalin, Tapentadol, Agomelatine, Febuxostat, Fesoterodine, Ivabradine, Ticagrelor, Cinacalcet, Montelukast, Bosentan, Esomeprazole, Imatinib, Sunitinib, Prasugrel, Darunavir, Duloxetine, Ezetimibe, Asenapine, Dabigatran etexilate, Linezolid, Olmesartan Medoxomil, Pitavastatin, Bendamustine, Efavirenz, Telaprevir, Telmisartan, Tiotropium bromide, Caspofungin, Desvenlafaxine, Bimatoprost, Drospirenone, Ertapenem, Etoricoxib, Meropenem, Ramelteon, Rasagiline, Saxagliptin, Silodosin, Vilazodone, Ambrisentan, Azilsartan medoxomil



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What is a Claimed Intermediate?
A Claimed Intermediate is here defined as a novel pharmaceutical process intermediate which is preferably highly stable, highly isolatable, highly purifiable (optionally with appropriate chirality) and claimed as a compound in a pharmaceutical process patent specification from which it may be subject to a 20 year patent protection term.