• Comprises newly Published Process Patents for Marketed Pharmaceutical Drugs published as CA, DE, EP, FR, GB, US and WO Patent Specifications and others as found since 1 January, 2010, at least. Subscription includes Monthly Reports.
  • Drug Process Patent History for specific drugs will be added on an ongoing basis, eg Atorvastatin.
  • The Database is fully Text and Structure Searchable

Reports comprise records taken from the Online Database. Report Types:-

  • Monthly and Quarterly Reports showing the latest records added to the database in text-searchable PDFs.
  • Bespoke Reports from the Database using selected criteria, e.g. by Drug, Patentee etc. (contact us for prices)



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Further information

A Basic Patent Status is included in each record to briefly indicate the progress of the Patent Application. Many Process Patents do not proceed to Grant.

Due to the number of languages encountered, some countries will not be covered – however these will be included when an in-house readable language patent family equivalent emerges (eg a published EP patent specification equivalent to a CN, JP, KR etc patent specification).

Due to the prevalence of equivalent patent specifications in patent families and in an attempt to exclude repetitions, the Online Database will only include NEW patent specifications, i.e. those without previously published family equivalents. Equivalent patent family specifications may be obtained from free or commercial patent databases.

As a Marketed Pharmaceutical Drug approaches its Product Patent term expiry (including SPCs &c), numerous Process patents are filed in efforts to enhance the profitability of commercial synthesis, especially for when the Marketed Drug goes Generic. However, the FDA, for example, does not list Process Patents and these are often lost within a plethora of other pharmaceutical patents (new drugs, compositions &c) in high cost patent databases.

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What is a Claimed Intermediate?
A Claimed Intermediate is here defined as a novel pharmaceutical process intermediate which is preferably highly stable, highly isolatable, highly purifiable (optionally with appropriate chirality) and claimed as a compound in a pharmaceutical process patent specification from which it may be subject to a 20 year patent protection term.